Have you worked with children with mood disorders (anxiety, depression, etc.) and/or hyperactivity (ADHD/ADD)?

Yes. Over my ten plus years tutoring I pride myself in working with children with mood disorders and/or hyperactivity. Tutoring is all about the relationship and chemistry between adult and child (tutor and tutee), and it is my job to individualize a tutoring plan that allows each and every child to flourish.

Do you provide students with help outside of the hour session?

Yes. I always stress to my students that they can reach me through text or by calling during the week even if it is outside their scheduled appointment. My teaching strategy stresses open communication and encourages the student to reach out and ask for help.

Are you familiar with working with students enrolled in online schooling and/or alternative methods of course instruction?

Yes. I am very comfortable with helping students who are enrolled in virtual school. I make it a point to facilitate communication between the online instructor and the child. Oftentimes this is lacking. I also add supplementary material to help with learning and retaining the information.